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Can I get planning permission on my land?

04/04/2017 by Jeff Paybody

A number of local authorities are currently busy preparing their draft local plans for submission to the planning inspectorate for adoption in 2017 and 2018 and therefore those authorities that still do not have a five year housing supply are still open for attack with a potential quick application for residential development on land that would otherwise be considered as being in open countryside.

As the date gets nearer for local plans to be adopted the planners will add more weight to any draft local plans and once adopted with a clear outlook on the housing numbers that are required over the plan period it will become harder for speculative development applications to be submitted unless once again

the local authorities fall behind with their housing numbers.

If you have land you think has development potential and you would like an overview of its potential for residential or commercial development please contact us to discuss in complete confidence the possibility of securing planning permission.

A number of us at Howkins & Harrison specialise in dealing
with agreements with developers or land promoters and we
have also been successful in promoting land in house through our own planning and development teams before selling the land.

If you would like to discuss the potential of your land please contact in the first instance:
Jeff Paybody
Peter Bennett 

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