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Basic Payment Scheme

04/04/2017 by Andrew Pinny

More than 80,000 farmers in England have now received their 2016 Basic Payment Scheme, representing 93% of the eligible claims submitted according to a recent press release from the RPA.

They are now two months ahead of schedule with payments, which is good news for farmers considering the uncertainty that the ‘Brexit’ vote seems to have caused.

There are, however, farmers who remain unpaid and as agents we have now been assigned an individual case worker to look into any claims which remain unpaid. Furthermore, claimants
are able to check the progress of their claim through the online system via the ‘Basic Payment Scheme Applications’ and clicking on ‘Apply for BPS’.


The ‘cliff edge’ of the election and then Brexit proved to be a bit of a white elephant and indeed the rebound, albeit possibly temporary, has confounded experts, economists and property experts alike.

Between our three offices to the south of the region – Rugby, Daventry and Towcester – I have been pleased by the resilience that the commercial market has seen and whilst I’m not expecting records to be broken during 2017, I do feel that commercial property will continue to be an attractive long term proposition
for most.

In addition we have seen a glut of new business start-ups, whilst lending on commercial property has continued apace with a variety of new smaller lenders coming into the market.

During 2016 and since the opening of our new Towcester office in January, I have been asked to provide a range of advice to those connected with the commercial property market to include retail and industrial lettings, valuation advice, rent reviews and asset management advice.

For those needing specialist commercial property advice during 2017 and beyond, it pays to look locally for an expert in the field and our team would be pleased to hear from anyone wanting initial free advice on their commercial property.

Claimants fortunate enough to be part of the 93%, please check the amount to ensure that you have been paid correctly and once you have received your claim statement (this should be very soon) we are happy to check this for you.

2017 applications are fast approaching; planning ‘Greening’ requirements in advance is worth considering but please be aware that there has been an alteration to Cross Compliance Rules regarding buffer strips along watercourses..!

Andrew Pinny 

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